HiStory Thru The Ages

Coming from Smitten Publishing January 2020 -- Double Jeopardy

A city girl from New York travels to Silver Valley, Colorado, to join her adventure-loving father and help him work his mine, only to discover he's been murdered and now she must buy back his mine if she wants to continue. A local cowboy needs work to buy water rights because of a drought, so he decides to work with her. Can the two agree on anything concerning the mine, her father's murder, and their growing feelings for each other? And will the killer silence them before they learn the truth?

Florida Detective series

"Subterfuge" opens in 1882 with Emma Winthrop running away from her abusive husband in Boston. Gilbert George, a Pinkerton's detective, hired by the husband to locate and return her, follows her to Indian Rocks, Florida. Join this unlikely pair as they take on an embezzler and survive a challenge to a gun duel.

"Collusion", the second book in the series, opens when Miss Victoria visits Emma and Gilbert to celebrate their wedding, she decides to move to Indian Rocks to set up a boardinghouse, however, the saloon owner doesn’t want any competition, and threatens both her peace of mind and her well-being.

In "Resolve", Emma and Gilbert investigate a series of baby-nappings in the area, and when their own newborn disappears, the investigation becomes more personal.

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